Accepted Items

Supplies: We accept packages of diapers, panty pads, bed pads, latex and vinyl gloves, wipes, unopened hygiene products, wound care supplies, nutritional supplement, etc.

We accept clean and functional equipment in good condition that can fit into a small storage unit such as:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Transport chairs
  • 4-wheel walkers (aka rollators)
  • Knee scooters
  • Shower chairs
  • Transfer benches
  • Toilet risers
  • Small, folding orthopedic supports
  • Floor-to-ceiling poles
  • Blood pressure machines
  • Portable O2 concentrators
  • Canes
  • Grabbers

Not Accepted Items

  • Knee/back/arm/leg braces
  • Walking boots and heel protectors
  • Pharmaceuticals & IV fluids and supplies
  • Tube feeding supplies
  • Needles/syringes
  • Ostomy supplies
  • Drainage supplies
  • Urinary supplies
  • Respiratory supplies (02 tanks, tubing, CPAP machines/supplies, nebulizers, etc.)
  • Broken or rusty items
  • Hospital gowns, pillows, sheets, blankets
  • Mattresses
  • Beds, lifts, standers (but see here)
  • Exercise equipment, weights
  • Non-medical equipment or supplies

We cannot always accept the following (see this posting for more information):

  • Commodes
  • 2-wheel walkers
  • Crutches

We will confirm what can and cannot be received onsite. The policies and guidelines available on this website are subject to change. The site manager or volunteer in charge of donations will make the final call at the time of your donation.

Have something we don’t accept? Check out our resources page for other options.

How much does it cost?

Everything we receive is donated to us, and everything is freely distributed in turn. We ask that you do not attempt to sell or profit from the items we distribute.

Do I need insurance or ID?

We don’t ask for insurance or ID, but we do ask you to sign a liability waiver upon receiving an item. Everyone is welcome to our services.

Can I make an appointment or reserve an item?

We do not take appointments and we cannot reserve items. Everything is distributed on a first come, first serve basis. We receive donations throughout the day, every Friday; therefore, there is just as good a chance of finding what you need at the end of the day as there is at the beginning.

How do I find out if you have what I need?

Our inventory constantly changes, and we have limited availability to return calls. Even if we have an item when you call, we cannot guarantee that we will still have it when you arrive. Therefore, it is best to ask what is available onsite. Incidentally, our services are best suited to local communities.

Can I have something picked up or delivered?

We cannot pick up or deliver, but you can send someone on your behalf to pick up an item or deliver a donation.

Can I drop something off outside your open hours?

Each site only has open hours one day a week. We can only accept donations during our open hours. Leaving anything at any other time is considered dumping. Dumping at our site jeopardizes our lease and negatively impacts our operation. If you cannot bring your donation in during the appropriate times, please find another outlet or dispose of it properly.

Can I pick up or donate a larger item, like a hospital bed or patient lift?

Donate/Receive Larger Medical Equipment

How do I know if you’ll be open this week?

We will give notice of any site closures here as well as on our social media accounts. In general, we only close around major holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.