Receive Equipment
and Supplies

If you are in need of medical equipment and supplies, you can visit one of our ReCARES locations to get them for free.

We do not require ID or health insurance information.

To learn more about what items are available and how to get them, click the button below:

Donate Equipment
and Supplies

We accept donations of gently used medical equipment and supplies.

In order to accept your donations, all items must be in excellent condition and clean with no damage, dirt, corrosion, stains, or rust.

To learn more about what items we accept and how to donate, click the button below:

Donate / Receive Larger Medical Equipment

Due to our limited storage space, we cannot accept larger items at our sites (like hospital beds, hoyer lifts, recliner chairs, etc.). ForĀ larger equipment, we have a referral system.

To learn more about how our referral system works and to sign up to donate or receive a piece of larger medical equipment, click the button below: