Other Resources

We try to improve access to medical supplies and equipment and reduce waste, but there are limits to what we can do. We operate out of small spaces with limited storage capacity and so we prioritize those donations that we are confident we can quickly find a home for. For these and other reasons, we do not accept certain kinds of donations and we are not a great option for finding certain kinds of items.

To address these shortcomings, we have compiled some other resources below that may be of service.

Donate and/or receive

Assistive Technology (including electric wheelchairs and scooters)

The Center for Independent Living

NorCAL Spinal Cord Injury Foundation

Assistive Technology (including equipment specifically for children)

Able Closet

Cancer (including literature, wigs, soft hats, scarves, and breast prostheses)

Bay Area Cancer Connections

CPAP (including CPAP and BiPAP machines and supplies)

Breathe California of the Bay Area, Golden Gate, and Central Coast

Diabetes (including syringes, insulin, insulin pens, test strips, lancets, devices, insulin pumps, and pump supplies)

Diabetics Pay it Forward (Facebook group but there is also an email link on the page)

Insulin For Life

Larger Medical Equipment (including hospital beds, lifts, trapezes, and reclining chairs)

ReCARES Large DME Referral System

Miscellaneous (including various medical equipment and supplies)


Ostomy (including pouching systems, rings, strips, belts, powder, barrier films, stoma measuring templates, and drainage bags)

Friends of Ostomates Worldwide

Tube Feeding (including feeding tube supplies)

TubieLoved Support & Supplies Exchange Group (Facebook group)

Local communities

There may be someone in your local community who needs what you have! Try posting your items on some of the following exchange sites:

Animal shelters / veterinarian hospitals

Due to insurance policies and other factors, many human-centered clinics and facilities cannot use donated medical supplies, even if they are unopened and unused. The same does not always hold true when it comes to animal-centered clinics and facilities. There are tons of animal shelters and veterinarian hospitals all over the Bay Area. Find the nearest shelter or veterinarian hospital and call to ask whether they can use what you have.