Commodes, walkers, and crutches

Due to the abundance of donations of commodes, 2-wheel walkers, and crutches we receive, we cannot always accept these items. There is a limit to the amount of items we can store in our (relatively small) closets, and while we do occasionally give out one of the aforementioned items, we might give out 1 for every 7 that we receive.

What this means: given how rapidly and unexpectedly our situation can change, we cannot update our website every time we have space to receive another of these items. If you decide to bring one to donate, please prepare to be turned away. We might have room to accept it, but we might not. However, if your item is not in excellent condition (walkers in disrepair, dirty/rusty commodes, etc.), please do not bring it to donate. The best thing you can do for us and for the environment is dispose of it properly.

Exception: we can always accept 4-wheel walkers (aka rollators), as these are among our most asked for items.