ReCARES Oakland: Currently NOT accepting donations of…

An image of crutches and text that says 'ReCARES OAKLAND IS NOT RECEIVING DONATIONS OF WALKERS CRUTCHES COMMODES We have too many at the moment and cannot accept more. Please check again in a couple of weeks. Organizations interested in receiving our excess inventory, please reach out.'

We have received so many donations of regular walkers, crutches, and commodes that we currently CANNOT accept more. Not one, nor two.

Please check again in a couple of weeks.

Our staff is working hard in finding organizations that might be able to receive this excess inventory. If you work, volunteer, or know of an organization that could take all or some of these items, please reach out to us.

If you or someone you know needs a walker, crutches, or a commode, come to our Oakland site. We will definitely have some for you at no cost 🙂

Thank you for understanding and please help us by sharing this update.